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Caritas Home for Refugees  
(PIC: 939783531)

  • The organisation:
    The CARITAS Home for Refugees is actively involved in the work with refugees. We operate two homes for refugees in Salzburg and Puch, where we mainly focus on the social support of the residents. We want to give shelter to the refugees until the legal proceedings are finished and it is clarified what happens to the refugees. We work together with various other institutions devoted to ease the fate of the refugees: Amnesty International, Refugee Service of the Protestant Church and other initiatives, also within the national CARITAS network and cooperate on an international level with the UNHCR. 
    The volunteer is directly involved in the institution of the home for refugees; where even the supervision and instruction of the volunteers takes place. Furthermore, there is the possibility to get to know the whole organisation of CARITAS in Salzburg, with its different institutions.

  • Your tasks:
    General tasks for the volunteer will be organizing activities with and for the refugees in the project (within the possibilities of the hosting placement), assistance in the general running for the organisation, accompany inhabitants to authorities, institutions or hospitals and physicians etc.
    By letting you introduce your own projects according to your own motivation and abilities, we all learned from each other a win-win-win situation for the volunteer, our house and the refugees.    

  • What you should bring in: 
    We expect interest in working with people coming from minorities, interest in getting to know people from other cultures, the ability to listen to our clients 
  • Application:
    The application deadline for this project is already over.


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