Alfonso 2015

Alfonso's EFD in Salzburg

Where are you from?

I’m Alfonso Mazón Núñez and I born in a small village in the “Vega Baja del Segura” (last meadow before Segura’s river arrives to the Mediterranean Sea) – Alicante region – Spain.

  1. What is your motivation to do an EVS?

Many motivations drive me to do an EVS experience.

Due mainly to politician’s proceedings it is hard to develop my career or even to have a fair job in my own Country. But also I love to travel and to discover new places living together with the native people as a way to learn about different cultures and people. As soon as I have no economic support or big savings, I use to look for a job. EVS is not a job but it gives you the chance to arrive to a place without many troubles (it help you looking for your accommodation, insurance, transport, sports, etc. but also it gives you pocket money and cultural formation).

  1. Why did you choose Austria esp. Salzburg for your EVS?

Why not? I’m not use to plan so much my life. I “met” Salzburg the year before I start to run up the EVS agreements. I liked the city. In a spontaneously trip I did to visit a friend here I decided to take a look on the EVS projects implemented in the area. Insel took my attention, I visit them and suddenly I felt in love with the project.

  1. When did you arrive in Austria and how long will you stay? 

I arrived last September 2015 and my EVS runs for 10 months. Most probably I’ll stay here longer. So I have no answer for the second point of the question.

  1. Describe your EVS at  INSEL - HAUS DER JUGEND

         What are your tasks/ What do you like most?

             I’m answering those questions with a document I develop on my German lessons:

            Mein Traumjob:

-        Ohne Sponsoren oder Mäzene muss ich eine Beruf suchen: Welche Art von Beruf? Ein Beruf, dass die mich auf meinen Talente und Leidenschaften entwickeln ermöglicht.

o   Ich bin glücklich. Ich habe schon einer derartigen Beruf gefunden. Hier im Salzburg. Mit Kindern.

-        Wie geht’s dieser Beruf? Es ist ein Beruf wo, ich mit Kindern leben, während ich mit den arbeite.

o   In diesen Beruf könne ich die Talente der Kinder fördern. Ich spiele einfache Spiele mit ihnen und ich konzentriere mich auf die persönlichen Fähigkeiten und die Entwicklung individueller Talente der Kinder (Gen.).

Wie mach ich das?

o   In meine Arbeit ist jeden Betreuer ein Model für jedes Kind. Jeden Tag denken wir eine Aktivität für die Kinder, wohin jedes Kind Freiauswahl auf Aktivität habt. Das bringt einen Rahmen aus Vielfalt an, wohin Kinder Interessen seines Lebens aussuchen könnt.

o   Auf diese Art, die Aktivitäten für Kinder liegt an den Betreuer Erfahrungen. Meinem Lebensart hat mich vielerlei Erfahrungen und Geschicklichkeit verschaffen. Also denke ich, dass ich ein gutes Model für Kinder bin.

o   Ich freue mich über reaktionen der Kinder auf meine Lebensart.

o   Außerdem helfe ich gerne. Also freue ich mich, dass ich meiner Lebenserfahrung für Kinder biete.

o   Stimmt alles, aber habe ich noch ein Geheimnis: ich liebe es mit Kindern zu spielen und das hält mich jung.

  1. Is it difficult to communicate with Austrian people?

Not at all! Most of them are open to help you with the language. It is true that Austrian (and Germans) like to speak in their own language even when they are able to communicate in English. But they understand well my poor German skills and they also speak to you easy German as soon as they realize you are foreigner.

  1. What have you learned in Austria that you would like to take back home?

I use to say I’m always learning. Even when you already have the knowledge you could always improve them. So, I cannot point singles skills learned here. I’m developing a new job, I got skills for it before but you always learn a lot about it when you develop new tasks. 

By the way, I have no snow in my region, so I’m learning about it. Not only sports as snowboarding, ice skate or hiking, also I’m learning how the plants adapt to it, landscape changes and so on. I also started paragliding lessons. In few words, I continue developing my skills.

  1. Is Austria the way you expected it to be?

Ok, I cannot answer this question properly. I still have to travel a lot inside of Austria to know it.

My first impression comparing my last experience between a small town in the country region of Bayern (Germany) from last year and the living in Salzburg says that, even when there are many similarities between Austrian and German cultures, Austrian culture is “warmly” for me as a Spanish guy.

  1. Is there anything that surprised you the way people live or behave in Austria where you would say „Well at home this is completely different? “

Of course! There are many differences; it is a reason for traveling. So may it is not properly to say I’m surprised about it.

An example: Food. People here eat “so early” (12am) but also they just start to eat as soon as they have their food is in front of them even being people sitting on the same table with them. In Spain we like to “enjoy” our food. I mean, we give time to it, we talk during eating, and it is not strange to try from the menu of your friend or to share a common salad in the middle of the table.

  1. What is the biggest challenge during your EVS so far? 

I don’t like to point singles challenges. I just continue living my life as I like to do; this is the biggest challenge ever. Here, in my own Country or wherever I’ll go

  1. Would you do it again?

Sure! Here it is a message to the European Erasmus+ Agency: If you need a guy to test every single project in the whole Word, here you have a candidate for it.



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