Eugenio  EVS 2015

Eugeniu's EVS at Caritas Home for Refugees


Eugeniu, where are you from?
I’m coming from Moldova

What is your motivation to do an EVS?
EVS in Austria is 10 months of my life with its challenges and beautiful discoveries, learning experiences and sharing your own ideas and background with the world.

Why did you choose Austria esp. Salzburg for your EVS?
I didn’t know much about Austria and especially Salzburg at the beginning but I’m discovering a lot of beautiful places, traditions and ways of thinking here. 

When did you arrive in Austria and how long will you stay?
I arrived in Austria in one of the sunny days of September and I will stay in Salzburg until June when hopefully the chestnuts trees will blossom. 

Describe your EVS at Caritas Flüchtlingshaus! What are your tasks?
Most of the time I’m doing administrative tasks, helping refugees living in the house with day by day activities. I can say I’m getting to know their first steps in another country and supporting when needed.

What do you like most?
Mostly I appreciate interpersonal contact with people in the house and when I see them smiling.

Is it difficult to communicate with Austrian people?
I would say it’s difficult to get into the “trust circle” at the beginning but once you built the ‘bridge’ together it’s a very stong one.

What have you learned in Austria that you would like to take back home?Austrians have a strong national and cultural auto-identity and they definitely love their homeland.

Is Austria the way you expected it to be?
I didn’t have much expectations before coming to Austria but nature, mountains, architecture, music and food are as I imagined - beautiful.

Is there anything that surprised you the way people live or behave in Austria where you would say „Well at home this is completely different?“
Almost everything.

What is the biggest challenge during your EVS so far?
At the beginning it was being far away from my comfort zone. Now I’m considering it a positive change.

Would you do it again ?




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