Jasna EVS 2014

Jasna's EVS at Youth Center Get2Gether


Jasna, where are you from? 

What is your motivation to do an EVS?
I want to get new perspectives and broaden my experience, inspire others, do something useful and meaningful, use my ideas and creativity. I want to exchange my ideas, experiences and culture with others using unique experience such is EVS. For me EVS means an opportunity to get kicked out of my comfort zone and live in different culture allowing me to grow and develop both on personal and professional level.

Why did you choose Austria esp. Salzburg for your EVS?
…weil ich gern German lernen möchte und weil Salzburg ist ein so wunderbar Stadt.

When did you arrive in Austria and how long will you stay?
I arrived in October 2014 and will stay for 9 months (until end of June 2015)

Describe your EVS at Youth Center Get2Gether! What are your tasks? 
Hang out and talk with youngsters, play different games with them (billiard, table football, tale tennis, air-hockey…), support Centre with my experience and ideas and take part in different activities of the Centre i.e. cooking, sports tournaments, etc…

What do you like most?
I like playing different games with youngsters and finding out more about their backgrounds because youth I`m working with are mostly immigrants with very divers origins. It is very interesting being in contact all of them and their cultures.

Is it difficult to communicate with Austrian people?
Not at all. In fact it is very easy. Everybody is speaking English and most of the people I have met by now were very friendly and helpful.

What have you learned in Austria that you would like to take back home?
I learned how to make Apfelstrudel and Liptauer and I`ll share my new-learned cooking skills with my friends and family back home.

Is Austria the way you expected it to be?
Yes, it is as beautiful as I imagined, especially the nature. One thing that surprised me is diversity of cultures. I haven`t imagined there is so many different cultures and people living together in pretty small country.

Is there anything that surprised you the way people live or behave in Austria where you would say „Well at home this is completely different?“
Shops are closed on Sunday

What is the biggest challenge during your EVS so far?
Learning the language and trying to understand the dialect J

Would you do it again ?
There is no doubt about it- yes!!!


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