Nemanja's EVS at Seniorenresidenz


Nemanja, where are you from? 
I am from Serbia. I was born and grown up in Kraljevo before twenty four years. My profession is Business Management.

What is your motivation to do an EVS?
My motivation for this EVS project is still the same, like on the beginning. Incredible international experience in professional carrier and private life. Challenges, which I facing, almost every day, are something what pull me up to do more and more.

Why did you choose Austria esp. Salzburg for your EVS?
To be honest, I didn’t choose J For me, one thing was important, and that was German speaking area. But now I can say that I am on right place in right time. In Salzburg, I am in middle of Europe. Nothing is to far, place is wonderful and with lot of international people.

When did you arrive in Austria and how long will you stay?
I am in Austria from 6th of September, and I will be here (according to the project) one year.

Describe your work at  Senioren Residenz Mirabell! What are your tasks?
My tasks are connected with social care of old people. During my working days I walk with them, I organize their free time, activities, I am helping them to do moving exercises, we cook and sing together, and the most important of everything – I can speak with them. Most of them are very lonely and they don’t have anyone to speak with.

What do you like most?
I like the feeling when I can help someone, and in this place there are lot of people who needs help. For me this opportunity to meet a lot of people is great, I can learn from them, I can study their behaving and needs depends on situation. Sometimes is enough just to listen their life stories and I can learn a lot. And one more thing to don’t forget, food in my restaurant is great J

Is it difficult to communicate with Austrian people?
Yes, especially when they use dialect language. But once when you use another language, they become kindly again.

What have you learned in Austria that you would like to take back home?
Procedure how to make Apfelstrudel.

Is Austria the way you expected it to be?
Yes, like in the picture.

Is there anything that surprised you the way people live or behave in Austria where you would say „Well at home this is completely different?“
Way of life and thinking of average person is completely different here in Austria.

What is the biggest challenge during your EVS so far?
Entire EVS project is huge challenge, but my personal goals, here, are even bigger.

Would you do it again?
If question is: “Would I do it again after this one (like one more)?”. Than NO! I need to start to work for real money. But if question is: “Would I do everything again as this one?”. YES of course without any doubt.


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