• The organisation:
    With the opening of the DomQuartier in 2014, Salzburg founded a cultural highlight in the heart of the city: the former centre of the archbishop's power, the complex consisting palace and cathedral, completed by St. Peter's Abbey. In this unique museum visitors can find about 2.000 exhibits of 1.300 years of Salzburg's history. DomQuartier offers all together 29 programs for children, adults and people with disabilities. Target group of the museum are inhabitants of Salzburg and tourists from Italy, Germany, China and all over the world. 

  • Your tasks:
    DomQuartier is searching for a volunteer who would like to support the team at workshops, marketing and social media. There might also be the possibility to support the DomQuartier in organizing the technical stock, to help out in the café and at events. Please be aware that it will also be necessary to support the staff in the office, in the shop and as watchman/woman in the museum (for example during breaks of other watchmen/women). Depending on your interests and competences you will also have the possibilities to create an own project (for example within Social Media, Story Telling, etc.)

  • What you should bring in:
    Domquartier is searching for a volunteer with good German OR English skills who is interested in art, culture and in museums in general. It would be helpful if you are be able to cycle as the bicycle is the most important means of transport in Salzburg. If you have any Social Media skills and if you know how to work with Microsoft Office it would be great. 

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