Salzburger Kinderfreundinnen

Salzburger KinderfreundInnen - KECK

Salzburger KinderfreundInnen - KECK 
(EI-Number 2015-1-AT02-KA110-001210, PIC: 945424954)

  • The organisation:
    Österreichische Kinderfreunde is one of the biggest family organisations in Austria dealing with leisure time projects for children and youngsters and educational work on family tasks for parents and adults. Main part of the regional work are camps and daytime-activities during the school holidays, mobile social-cultural project work with play buses on public areas, playing fields, sports projects for youth connected with drug prevention and integrational activities with refugee children and immigrants.

  • Your tasks:
    Regular activities are teenager afternoons in the local youth centre, playing games with the youngsters as well as the seniors in the retirement home, playing ground animation, cooking together (in winter), children's newspaper & radioshow, different excursions (mostly in the city of Salzburg), sports, outdoor activities, working at the local community garden, intercultural evenings/weeks etc. Suggested activities are assisting in the team with the everyday-programme, like sports, youth centre, elderly home, children’s newspaper, community garden, etc. We welcome the volunteer to create new ideas and inputs for the everyday-programme (e.g. new handicraft ideas, cultural activities, games from their home countries,…). Within the project hours we also support the volunteer to create and develop new ideas for new projects according to his/her interest.

  • What you should bring in: 
    The volunteer should be interested in working with children between 5 and 15. Former eduction in social work is of course not required as it is more important to us that the volunteer is confident with working with youngsters who may face social obstacles or come from a migrational background. 
    We welcome initiative volunteers who contribute creative ideas and who are able to work in a team.


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