The organisation:

  • MARK started its work as a youth center more than 40 years ago. Today MARK is much more than a youth center! At Mark you can find concerts and art exhibitions, a silkscreen printing workshop, a bike workshop, an open wardrobe where everybody can bring and take free cloths, vegan meals and much more. MARK is also publishing an own magazine and a radio show. 
    You can also check out their website:

  • Your tasks:
    You support the team of MARK at their various tasks. You help organizing different events, take care of the guests (mainly youngsters and young adults up to 30 years), do some organizational tasks and some office work. Still there are so many other different things you can do at MARK! It depends more or less on your own interests. Do you like media? Then you can for example update MARK's instagram account or get involved in the MARK radio show. Do you like cooking or do you prefer repairing bikes? Do you like art or music? There are a lot of possibilities how you can get involved.

  • What you should bring in:
    If you are openminded, motivated to bring yourself in and motivated to learn, then you are the perfect candidate! 
    As many youth and culture centers MARK's opening hours are mainly from Tuesday to Saturday in the late afternoon and in the evening. Therefor we are searching for somebody for whom it is okay to work during the evening and also on Saturdays.  


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