Radiofabrik (PIC: 936180563)

  • The organisation:
    Radiofabrik is Salzburg's Community Radio - that means independent, non-commercial, non-profit orientated and with free and public access for everyone to the opportunity of broadcasting. It is the radio with the most freedom of speech and variety of opinions in Salzburg. It offers a platform to different people, especially to those who don’t have a voice in other media because of social, racist, sexist or other kind of discrimination. Our aim is to encourage civil society, the communication between cultures and generations and the equality of the sexes.
    In our programme everyone can take part in, so we make a contribution to the freedom of speech in Salzburg. Everyone can represent his/her opinion and turn his/her ideas into reality.

  • Your tasks:
    The volunteer can learn a lot about radio journalism, moderation and radio techniques. She/he will be a part of the team, especially of the editorial staff. After the time working here she/he will be able to make an own radio program and get an insight in and an overview over the work of an (non commercial) radio station (and also of an institution, that carries out many projects).

  • What you should bring in: 
    The volunteer should have technical interest and interest in radio. She/he should be motivated for creating own inputs for the radio, work independently and be creative. The technical knowledge that is necessary for broadcasting is imparted in workshops. Radiofabrik is very open to host volunteers who do not have any experience in media yet! You will have the possibility to learn everything from the beginning!


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