SEAD- Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance


SEAD - Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance
(PIC 907262050, Accreditation Process not completed)

  • The organization:

    SEAD, Salzburg Experimental Acadamy of Dance, is a centre for training contemporary dancers and choreographers as well as a vibrant space that provides the public with performances and education in contemporary dance art. Founded by Susan Quinn in 1995, the curriculum of SEAD rests on the philosophical position that making art engenders knowledge. The premises that learning is by doing, thinking is by making, dictates the structures of SEAD's classes and requirements. With a faculty that rotates throughout the year SEAD provides students with opportunities to work with renowned and innovative artists from around the world as well as to choreograph and present their work to teach in the public adult and childrens education program offered by the house, to perform in and outside school, to participate in exchange programs abroad and to create and make life long contacts.

  • Your tasks:

    Typical tasks of volunteers at SEAD can be supporting the academy administration and coordination in their daily tasks in the office. Daily tasks also incur in the organisation of the young adults course Program.

    The volunteers communication skills and interest in applying them to social media is highly welcome.

    The involvement of volunteers includes working on their own projects, such as coordination for international school exchanges or devising workshop formats for schools. Support of the production team before during and after performances could also be projects covering the learning fields for a Volunteer.

  • What you should bring in:

    Participants should be interested in culture, art, performing arts and dance. Above-average social Skills and the wish to work in a positively challenging environment are clearly assets. English skills are a benefit as it is the main spoken language at SEAD.


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