Vogelsangschule Saalfelden

Vogelsangschule Saalfelden 

(PIC: 944611318, 2014-1-AT02-KA110-000126)

  • The organization:
    The “Vogelsangschule” is an initiative of some engaged parents who created an alternative school in september 2006 to allow their childen a self-determined learning considering their individual development. The pedagogic background relies on the experiences and studies of Maria Montessori, Maurcio and Rebeca Wild and Jean Piaget as well as new cerebral and neuro-biological studies.

    We want to offer the children the possibility to learn in their own rhythm in an age-mixed group from 6 to 15 years. Actually we have 10 pupils subdivided into two groups (Primaria I: 6 - approx. 9 years and Primaria II: approx. 9 - approx. 12 years. The following school year we will probably have two children in Sekundaria: approx. 12 – 15 years.)

    There are two teachers with education and experience in reformative pedagogic. 

  • Your tasks:
    The volunteer should support our team with excursions which will take place once a week, different workshops and other activities. School starts for children at 8:30pm and ende at 1pm. One afternoon the older children have school until 4pm. After the school there will be a brief review (15-30min) and once a week a longer review with the whole team for talking about what happend the week before and preview fort he next days/week. 

    We would like the volunteer to give our children an insight into his/her country, culture, language, way of life etc. in the way of music, theater, entertainment, pictures, stories to give the children an understanding for mulitculture in our common world, to respect the difference and the speciality of other cultures.

  • What you should bring in: 
    It is important for us that the volunteer is very interested, open and motivated in working with kids and youngsters, and we welcome any kind of creative talent which adds up to our ususal activities.


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