Youthcenter Corner

Youthcenter Corner

Youthcenter Corner

(Erasmus+ Number: 2014-1-AT02-KA110-001106, PIC: 947796895) 

  • The organisation:
    The youth and culture centre "CORNER" in the city district of Itzling has been founded in 1998 with the support of the city council of Salzburg. Together with the local young people the centre has been designed, created and partly adapted. In the year 1999, our youth centre has been inaugurated and since then we are trying to offer our youth an interesting programme and cultural events. The centre considers itself a meeting place and shelter for 13 to 19 year old youngsters. The young people coming to our centre are mainly from the city district Itzling in Salzburg. Our target group is a as much as possible balanced and diverse young public as to concerning gender, ethnical and social background. Activities carried out by the youth centre: Internetcafé, open running: music, games, discussions, chats..., DJ parties, specific projects, youth exchanges, theatre, own radio emission a.s.o.

  • Your tasks:
    The volunteer will be a support for our team. You will take part in team meetings, help with administraion and project related work but most of all you will spend time with our youngsters and join/prepare/implement activities with and for them.

  • What you should bring in:
    We welcome the volunteer bringing in his/her own ideas for projects or activities which can be developed during the "general youth centre times". Basic knowledge of German or English and of computing would be useful. Flexibility and motivation to work with young people would be great. As Youthcenter Corner has more male than female employees they would like to host a female volunteer to ensure gender balance. 

  • The application deadline for this project is already over.




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